What causes depression?


Understanding the Root Causes of Depression Explore the various causes of depression, including biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Learn how genetics, brain chemistry, life experiences, and lifestyle choices contribute to this complex mental health condition. Table of Contents Introduction Biological Factors Genetics and Family History Brain Chemistry and Neurotransmitters Hormonal Imbalances Psychological Factors Personality Traits … Read more

How to deal with depression?


How to Deal with Depression Discover effective strategies and tips on how to deal with depression. This comprehensive guide covers symptoms, treatments, self-care techniques, and resources to help you or your loved ones manage depression. Table of Contents: Introduction Understanding Depression What is Depression? Common Symptoms of Depression Causes and Risk Factors Diagnosing Depression When … Read more

Is depression genetic?

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Exploring the Genetic Link: Is Depression Inherited? Delve into the intriguing question of whether depression is genetic. Uncover the latest research findings and understand the role genetics play in this complex mental health condition. Introduction In the realm of mental health, the question of whether depression is genetic has long been a topic of intense … Read more

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